03.11.2019 15:54 GMT

  Series has now been added again, and we have added new folders for the latest Series from the new providers. If there is any specific Series or Film you would like to see then please email through the Contact Us or via our Discord Channel.

03.11.2019 15:54 GMT

  We have made some changes to the sports folders, we have removed the 3PM Kick Off folder so now all the live football games can be found in the following folders: Live Football & NBC GOLD, plus you will also find other sports & live games in EPL | EFL | SPFL FHD, Sky / BT Red Button folder and also beIN Sports in the Arabic folder.

27.09.2019 18:21 GMT

STATUS UPDATE: Since the demise of Xtream Codes last week we have purchased a new IPTV panel and we are currently importing the original XC database. We will be adding load balancers, user streams and reseller accounts. As a result of what happened to XC there are a lot of providers who have just thrown in the towel. Another load of providers who pretended to throw in the towel, then have came back under different names. Please have confidence we will be back and are not going anywhere. This is just going to take some time to get fully working again. Once all is up and running we will provide existing customers with a 1 month line extension free of charge for the inconvenience. Then will be providing some offers for new customers. Please await the next update for more info.

19.07.2019 21:36 GMT

 We have just

22.06.2019 16:57 GMT

 We have just added more than 9,800+ VOD from more than 10+ countries.

29.05.2019 16:20 GMT

 We have just added new FHD top quality channels to the server but to upgrade to FHD we have decided to add the upgrade to the website as the new channels require a minimum of 30 Mbps internet speed, so if you are sure your device & internet is capable of viewing the FHD then please order your free upgrade HERE

22.05.2019 13:57 GMT

New May Day offer to all clients:
12 months packages now from only £19.99 until 31.05.2019
If your subscription is due for renewal soon why not take the opportunity to extend now and save money!!
We can add the 12 months to the end of any existing subscription term, so your 12 months purchase will be added from the date your existing subscription expires.

12.05.2019 13:57 GMT

 We have now added Netherlands & Russia channels, plus more channels added to Spain, Italy & Portugal.

22.04.2019 08:18 GMT

Due to abuse from some clients we have had to ISP lock accounts. This means when you 1st activate your subscription your account will be locked to that ISP (Internet Service Provider). Our terms are that our multi-room allows up to 3 devices from 1 location/IP ONLY.
We DO NOT allow shared or multiple location connections, for those who need to use from multiple locations we can provide a 2nd subscription at a hugely reduced price, so if this affects you then please get in touch.
Any customer found sharing his/her connection will have their account restricted or revoked, so please do not share your account.

21.04.2019 20:00 GMT

Samsung Smart TV Apps:
After checking & testing a few apps from the Samsung App store we can recommend the Smart-STB app, which works and acts just like a Mag Box on your Smart TV. The only negative aspect is that it is controlled by the MAC ID and not by M3U script, meaning there is only 1 connection and your existing subscription will have to be updated/renewed to a Mag Box package. The cost of the App is approx $2.55/€2.25/£1.99 per month or the full lifetime licence is $27.99/€24.90/£21.50. You can find out more information from the following link: Smart-STB App for Samsung Smart TV

06.04.2019 16:22 GMT

Many clients using Smart IPTV on their Samsung & LG TV’s are experiencing problems with playlists, we are aware that there is a problem with the app for clients who selected VOD & Series. It seems after a recent update to the Smart IPTV app is causing storage problems and the Playlist will not load, all we can do is recommend you have the VOD & Series removed from your subscription or find an alternative app to use on your TV. For LG users you can search the LG App store for SMARTERS PLAYER app (Entertainment section) and download it, then contact us with your Order number and we will send you the login details which will include full VOD & Series.

 03.03.2019 09:00 GMT

IMPORTANT: Reminder that you must NOT use VPN with our packages. If you do your account may become blocked, so please do not use a VPN and remember this package allows multiple connections from the same IP only, any client abusing this may have their accounts locked. You have been warned!

01.02.2019 12:34 GMT

We have added a Discord news channel where we will provide clients news & updates on our server status.
Please click on the following link to join and keep up to date with the latest news: Olympus IPTV Discord Channel